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Chanz Global is your trusted partner in online marketing, internet solutions and services—with over 15 years of experience in IT and Integrated Marketing Communication.

Chanz Global is a multifaceted company that builds websites and platforms for numerous clients, enabling them to drive their businesses online with higher engagement, as well as provides consultation services and implements customized enterprise technologies through rapid custom-made enterprise solutions.

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Beautiful platforms we built to create solutions for various audiences. We hope our clients love our products as much we loved building them.


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Here we keep you updated with the latest news about our brands, industry updates and other valuable information from our clients.

May 30 2018 Has the Most Varied Property Listings in Cavite City

Manila, Philippines–People who wish to purchase houses in the Cavite City can consider the PropertyAsia house listings in Cavite. The entity is believed to have some of the best listings in the city. From studio apartments to bungalows, there are many options to choose from. The details of each lot are available for the perusal...

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Oct 27 2017

Stress-free House-hunting

Manila, Philippines–Bancrea Homes, together with mass-housing advocate 8990 Holdings Inc., recently unveiled its website,, which offers a range of features that a traditional property brokerage firm does not normally provide. These include the “ASK REA:24/7”, a dedicated live chat hosted by real-person customer service staff; an “E-Refer Kita” app, where every visitors can refer...

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Apr 22 2017

Art Your Heart Out at Art Exchange Manila by The Craft Central

Manila, Philippines–It has only been 7 months since The Craft Central opened in Greenbelt and yet the sister-duo behind it, Alexis and Monique Ventura, are already currently staging an art festival for all of us. Originally an online store for art workshop participants, the Craft Central is now a physical art hub that houses a...

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