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Chanz Global is your trusted partner for online marketing, internet solutions and services—with over 15 years of experience in IT and Integrated Marketing Communication.

Chanz Global is a multifaceted company that builds websites and platforms for numerous clients, enabling them to drive their business online to a higher level, as well as provides consultation services and implements customized enterprise technologies through rapid custom-made enterprise solutions.

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Moving Business Forward

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Beautiful platforms we built to create solutions for various audiences. We hope our clients love our products as much we loved building them.


Looking for an inspiring surrounding to develop yourself and help build prominent solutions for different companies? Check out our career page and see if we have a job opening that fits you.

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Here we keep you updated with the latest news about our brands, industry updates, and other valuable information from our clients.

Apr 18 2018

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Mar 29 2018

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Mar 04 2018

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Suspendisse mauris. Fusce accumsan mollis eros. Pellentesque a diam sit amet mi ullamcorper vehicula. Integer adipiscing sem.

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