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Stress-free House-hunting

Manila, Philippines–Bancrea Homes, together with mass-housing advocate 8990 Holdings Inc., recently unveiled its website,, which offers a range of features that a traditional property brokerage firm does not normally provide.

These include the “ASK REA:24/7”, a dedicated live chat hosted by real-person customer service staff; an “E-Refer Kita” app, where every visitors can refer a sales lead, check the status of their referral, and earn a commission on the lead; and a lead generation and exchange service whose dedicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, powered by, can organize and track sales leads and virtually manage a network of real estate brokers and agents.

To make site trippings less stressful , Bancrea Homes also introduced a “Book-A-Tour”—via a ride-sharing app—where one can schedule visits at their own time, and also ride for free.–Manila Standard

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